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  • The Gloom

    The Gloom is a curtain of darkness that originates in the west of the Dusk Barrens. Occasionally, without warning, the Gloom will descend and sweep across the entire Barrens. It seeps underground, envelops mountains, and cover entire forests. It's …

  • Prosperity Keep

    As you travel west, among small farms hidden in small valleys, you arrive at a large clearing - which is rare in the western forests - surrounding a hill.

    The old keep on the top of the hill has seen better days. This is the famed " …

  • Divine Beings

    Here's what everyone knows: The Creator separated our material, natural world from the Heavens, and in doing so, tore itself apart.

    The Heavens above us are where the Immortals reside; sages argue whether the Four Saints' …

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