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  • Downtime

    Between expeditions, your character can do various things in town - even if you don't play this week, your hero can still act!

    Each downtime activity takes a week. After each session we'll start a new thread in the forum, in which I&# …

  • Undertaking an Expedition

    An expedition is a session of our game, in which you venture out of [[Prosperity Keep]] to embark on an adventure. Maybe you want to explore a new region, or perhaps you're chasing a specific goal or rumor. 

    All expeditions take 2.5- …

  • Divine Beings

    Here's what everyone knows: The Creator separated our material, natural world from the Heavens, and in doing so, tore itself apart.

    The Heavens above us are where the Immortals reside; sages argue whether the Four Saints' …

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