Advancing Your Character

How to gain XP

You gain 1 XP for going on an expedition. On unusually long expeditions, 2 or 3 XP.

By the end of the expedition, you gain 1 XP if…

  • You learn something new and important about the Dusk Barrens, such as discovering a place worth naming.
  • You overcome a fearsome monster or enemy, such as a powerful beast or a dangerous guardian.
  • You loot a rare treasure, such as a notable piece of art or a magical weapon.

When you contribute to the game off-play, +1 XP. 
By telling other players about your exploits and/or what you discovered. Examples include giving a session summary; Writing a short scene with another character in the inn's common room; Creating a drawing of your character; Writing about something we all wanted to know or discover about your character; etc.

Leveling up

Your class's description contains details for leveling up your character. Roll your Hit Die to increase your hit points; if you get less than the die's average, take the average instead. 

On 2nd and 5th level, you also gain a ribbon; see Ribbons.

Level XP
1 0
2 3
3 7
4 12
5 18
6 25
7 33
8 42

Beyond level 8

Legendary heroes who managed to achieve this impressive level no longer progress in the usual way. Reset your XP to 0, and start accumulating XP again. You can now do the following things, as Downtime activities: 

  • For 4 XP, you can buy a ribbon from any class.
  • For 7 XP, you can buy a Feat.
  • For 10 XP you can gain a Hit Die as if you leveled up.


Death. When you die, your spirit lingers with the party until The Gloom descends. You are able to affect the game in unique ways, by haunting one of the other characters. As an action, you can:

  • Give the haunted character 1d4 on an ability check (as Guidance), and even attack rolls. However, if you do so again before 5 minutes pass, the character suffers [your level] cold damage from your manifestation. 
  • Spend an HD, if you still have some, to give the haunted character an advantage on any check.
  • Move intangibly in a direct line to haunt someone else, up to 30 feet away, leaving a freezing trail of icicles as you invisibly travel on the edge of the living world, dealing [your level] cold damage to everyone on your trail. 

After the expedition, your friends can swear an oath in your name at the Four Saints' shrine in Prosperity Keep, and hope to get the blessing of the Saints.

You retire from adventuring. You can retire whenever you want. But is your motivation satisfied? Do you have enough money to live comfortably? When is enough, enough? 

Something weird happened to you. There are some strange things waiting in the Dusk Barnes, and you might find yourself cursed, diseased, or otherwise enchanted in a way that makes you no longer able to adventure. 


Your new character will be joining us during the week before the next expedition, at 1st level; this might change as you influence the Barrens and the Keep.

Advancing Your Character

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