Between expeditions, your character can do various things in town – even if you don't play this week, your hero can still act!

Each downtime activity takes a week. After each session we'll start a new thread in the forum, in which I'll describe the developments from the previous activities (the participating players in that week's game will get their's before the session).

In this thread you can announce your activities for the next week, including any changes you wish to make in your living costs. If you don't announce any specific activity, we assume you Practice a Profession, gaining enough gold pieces to pay for a modest lifestyle. 

Later on, you may unlock new things to do in town…

Living Costs

What, you thought you'll get lodging for free? Please. The good news is, this cost includes refreshing your rations and ammo, back to their starting level (your starting equipment). 

Poor (0 gp per week): For whatever reason, you really have nothing left. You start the next expedition with one level of exhaustion. 

Modest (7 gp per week): You rent a small, damp room in the inn. This is the assumed normal for everyone. 

Comfortable (14 gp per week): Hey, nice bed! And good food. At the start of the expedition roll your Hit Die and gain the result as temporary hit points (if you get less than the die's average, take the average instead). 

Wealthy (28 gp per week): The inn is for commoners. I'm staying with someone important. At the start of the expedition roll your Hit Die and gain the result as temporary hit points (if you get less than the die's average, take the average instead), and gain advantage on your first saving throw to avoid exhaustion. 


Downtime Activities

Choose one each week.


Spend some money, get some friends! Or at least some rumors.
Roll Persuasion or Performance; for every 10 gp you spend, gain +1 to the check. If you spend 100 at one time, you also gain an advantage. Your result is compared to the Carousing Table, which has various results, including some bad ones, and some unusual ones. Most commonly, if you pass DC 15 you gain a lead about something interesting in the Dusk Barrens.

Crafting (from the compendium

You can craft non-magical objects, including adventuring equipment and works of art.
You must be proficient with tools related to the object you are trying to create (typically artisan's tools). You can craft one or more items with a total market value not exceeding 30 gp (or more, if you repeat the action over several weeks), and you must expend raw materials worth half the total market value. While crafting, you can maintain a modest lifestyle without having to pay 7 gp per week.

Practicing a Profession (from the compendium)

You can work in town, allowing you to maintain a modest lifestyle without having to pay 1 gp per day.
If you have proficiency in the Performance skill, or in a Tool that can be found useful in town (which is most of them), you can earn enough to support a comfortable lifestyle instead.

Recuperating (from the compendium)

You try to recover from a debilitating injury, disease, or poison. You must be living at least Modestly.
You end one non-magical effect on you that prevents you from regaining hit points.
You also roll a saving throw against one disease or poison currently affecting you; this is beyond any save you might be entitled to by the effect. You gain +2 on the save if you live Comfortably, or an advantage if you're living Wealthy. 


You repair all of your torn or worn pieces of equipment, armor and weapons. Equipment that got destroyed or lost must be replaced.


Browse through books, question locals and study the terrain to gain an advantage on your next roll as a Guide during travel. See Undertaking an Expedition.

Training (from the compendium)

You can spend time between adventures learning a new language or gaining proficiency with a set of tools.
You must find an instructor willing to teach you, this can be another player character. The training lasts for 8 weeks and costs 7 gp per week. 


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