Undertaking an Expedition

An expedition is a session of our game, in which you venture out of Prosperity Keep to embark on an adventure. Maybe you want to explore a new region, or perhaps you're chasing a specific goal or rumor. 

All expeditions take 2.5-3 hours of real time (The Gloom cuts off each session), which will usually be about a day or two in game time. 

Some day you may discover ways to take longer expeditions…

Going on expeditions

Just check our forums to see if anyone is organising an expedition (at a date that's convenient to you), and suggest your services. Say a word or two in-character about why you want to join, and/or what skills you bring along. 

Organising new expeditions 

Wanna head out in the wilds? Just check the calendar for a free date, then announce your expedition in the forum. Give a few details about your planned expedition: What's your goal? Which skills and abilities might be especially useful?

I suggest giving a fun title and description. Perhaps think of it as a note you hang on the board in the The Courthouse inn, or a conversation you start one evening in the common hall.


Travel Rules

So you want to head into the Dusk Barrens? Here's how.


Before every expedition I roll on the Weather Table for an effect that might influence your travels in some way. 

The climate tends to be cold and grey, occasionally raining or foggy. It is currently autumn. 

Journey Checks

Every watch (4 hours) of travel is its own journey, requiring the party to designate characters to fill the following roles. Each role must roll a key skill during the journey, to keep things on track. A person can fill two roles at the same time, but they'll be rolling with a disadvantage on all key skills. 

The DC is determined by the terrain type of the current hex. 

The hills to the west of the Rush river are DC 10.
The road to the north of Prosperity Keep is DC 8.

Travel Roles

Guide – In charge of knowing the terrain, recognizing flora and fauna, and navigation. Key skills: Nature or Survival.
If the guide makes the roll, great. On a natural 20, the Scout gets an advantage on their roll. If they fail the roll, all characters must make a Constitution save (with the hex's DC) or take one level of exhaustion.

Scout – In charge of opening new trails, and recognizing discoveries of value. Key skills: History or Investigation. 
If the scout makes the roll, you get an extra roll on the encounter table of this hex. This means you have a better chance to find something of note. On a natural 20, the Look out gets an advantage on their roll.

Lookout – In charge of noticing danger before it notices you. Key skills: Stealth or Perception.
If the Lookout makes the roll, the party notices each danger before it notices you (or get a much better chance of spotting an ambush). If they fail, well, the opposite is true. 

If there's a 4th player in the party, they can choose to help one of these roles, by rolling the key skill themselves. On a success, they give an advantage to the player they're helping.

If at least two roles failed their rolls, the party might get lost. We'll talk about that when it happens. 

Distance and Time

Every hex on the map is 10 km across, and it has a main terrain type, which influences the DC for the travel rolls and also the travel speed. 

When getting on your way, decide on your pace:

Adventuring! – Let's just get there, at a normal pace. Normal chance for encounters, 5 km per hour (half hex), which is 2 hexes per watch. 

Quickly now – You want to get there fast. Half chance for encounters, but Scout and Lookout get a disadvantage on their key skills. 7.5 km per hour (3/4 hex).

Nice and slow – You want to be careful not to miss anything, or not to get caught. Double the chance for encounters, and Scout and Lookout get an advantage on their key skills. 2.5 km per hour (1/4 hex).

Exploring Your Hex

If you're looking for something specific, or just curious about your surroundings, you can explore your hex. Spend one watch looking around your hex, and make a group Perception roll to search for what you're looking for, or to roll on the encounter table. 

Undertaking an Expedition

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