Welcome to The Dusk Barrens

they do not welcome you.

This is a player-pool-based, consistent, open-world, discovery-focused Dungeon & Dragons game, running on Roll20, inspired by the West Marches play style. 

The Dusk Barrens are the lush, cold lands to the west, filled with fog-covered mountains and dark forests. The Barrens are so named because of the apparent inability of the civilised people to establish a permanent hold in these lands – no-one in recorded history has ever been able to do so, as The Gloom keeps pushing them back. 

What will you find in the Barrens? What will you bring back? And with whom will you be travelling? Let's find out!


Is this game for me?

This is not a regular RPG campaign. Read Step 0 of the Character Creation to familiarise yourself with its unusual play style. 

This is a game about pushing your character to overcome challenges, in careful and clever ways (or by bashing it hard, that might work too). You are heroic, but not because you are good or just (though you might be), but because you dare despite the dangers. And you're doing this for several months, alongside a rotating cast of adventurers who are just as desperate or fame-seeking as you.

This is not a game about cunning politics or relationships with NPCs. Adventuring skills are more valuable than conversational skills. (although, when you do find things to talk to, you better be good at it). Most social interactions will be with your fellow players. The Dusk Barrens have a story, but it's one you'll discover by exploration and direct action, not by subtle intrigue. You're here to uncover and discover. 


What is required of me?

A basic understanding of the D&D rules, and of your character's capabilities – both will be covered during a character creation session with me, so no worries. 

In terms of commitment, you're free to sign up for an expedition (session) whenever you have the time. You're also asked to occasionally read about other players' exploits (or watch the videos, I'll be recording all of the games). I, as the GM, keep no records, so everything you want to remember, or want the other players to know about, you'll have to write down in the forums or discuss amongst yourselves.

Further contributions to the game, such as writing camp fire songs, carrying on characters' conversations in emails, or bringing cookies to the GM is encouraged (in XP!) but not necessary.

You should also know we'll be playing in English, and all games will be recorded and uploaded to Up to Four Player's Youtube page.


The story of the Dusk Barrens is waiting to be discovered. You will either be the one telling it – or die trying.

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