Divine Beings

Here's what everyone knows: The Creator separated our material, natural world from the Heavens, and in doing so, tore itself apart.

The Heavens above us are where the Immortals reside; sages argue whether the Four Saints' glorious Heavenly Temple is on the moon or on one of the planets, but the common people simply look to the Heavens for guidance.

In the end of days, the Dragon Dark will swallow the stars one by one, and the Four Saints will fight it and defeat it. All of us who emulate their lives will be reborn for this glorious fight. 

Magic is simply a part of the Heavenly Spheres' influence on the world, but it's a power we mortals should only bask in – we can never harness it fully, and trying to do so only leads to ruin. Which is why sorcerers, who are, for whatever reason, born with magic within them, are dangerous and mad.

Divine Shards

Divine power doesn't simply appear out of nowhere. Priests and paladins (and warlocks) all use a Divine Shard in order to channel their powers. Priests usually incorporate the Shard into their holy symbol. Paladins absorb it into themselves in various ways. Warlocks use it as part of their pact boon.

Divine Shards are created from meteorites, in a prolonged ritual. Followers of the Four Saints earn their Shards in a magnificent ceremony. Followers of less-than-legal religious orders – any order that follows an Immortal other than the Four Saints – have less than glorious ceremonies. Any other divine caster, such as most warlocks, must either create their Shard independently, following divine guidance or ancient books, or inherit the Shard from someone.


The Four Saints

Here's what everyone knows: Eons ago, four mortals lived their lives in such perfect, celestial ways, they ascended to The Heavens and became Immortals, embodying aspects of the cosmos itself. All other Immortals are alien to us; the Four Saints are the only ones who truly know mortals and care about them.


The Binder, Judge Above, Eyes Alight. 

Common interpretations: Justice holds society together; happiness is achieved through understanding; control your emotions and you can control the world

Domains: Knowledge, Life, Forge, Light


Friend of the Lost, The Brave, Knifemind

Common interpretations: Stand for what you feel is right; Better to be wrong and apologise than to not act at all; everyone should have someone

Domains: Tempest, Trickery, Life, Protection


She Who Paints the Flame, The Flute Player, Moon Mother

Common interpretations: Being is creating, and vice versa; express yourself in whatever you do; we are part of the world, and the world is within us

Domains: Nature, Trickery, Light, Knowledge


Sharp Eye, The Righteous Assassin, The Quiet Resolve

Common interpretations: When you have to end it, end it quick; hesitation is the sign of the weak, but blind action is the sign of the fool; come prepared, and strike first

Domains: Forge, Grave, Tempest, War


The Dragon Dark

The Eclipse, Long Shadows, Wrecker

Here's what everybody knows: The Dark is a force of destruction and chaos – probably not an actual dragon, though – that seeks to undo all the works of men, dwarf and elf. The worship of the Dragon is forbidden in the Empire, but cults keep popping up here and there. The Dark is a common element in many superstitions.

Domains: Arcana, Death, Grave, Trickery


The Wild

Here's what everybody knows: There's a strange bird-man outside of the village, he seems to be able to talk to birds. Or: The girls from downtown meet on the high roof every full moon, to celebrate wind. Or: The goblins on the beach can speak with sharks and ride them on pirate raids. 

Sages seem to agree that these are all different aspects of a single Immortal called The Wild, that can manifest in the world through the world, and in many different ways. It's untamed and dangerous by definition, although smaller celebrations of its presence are quite common, and even expected. For example, many villages have an effigy-burning festival at the start of winter, to scare away the cold and hungry aspects of the Wild, while in spring they celebrate the fertile and nurturing aspect of it.

Druids and Paladins of the Oath of the Ancients worship various aspects of The Wild. 


Other Immortals

Here's what everybody knows: Various beings exist in the Heavens, but they are mostly there to be discussed by sages. Strange things sometime contact someone – this is the making of a warlock, or some of the stranger paladins. Such things are blasphemous and unwanted, but, to be frank, most of these people aren't bad, and many are even useful members of their communities, where their existence is an open secret.

Divine Beings

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