Prosperity Keep

As you travel west, among small farms hidden in small valleys, you arrive at a large clearing – which is rare in the western forests – surrounding a hill.

The old keep on the top of the hill has seen better days. This is the famed "Prosperity Keep" itself, currently the home of the Old Lady, the duchess who's in charge of this frontier. The last time anyone saw her was before your time, decades ago; ever since, she's been fading away deep within her cold castle, the last descended of a once-proud family, her lands falling to the hands of bandits, beasts and bworse.

The tiny walled town at the foot of the hill, also called Prosperity keep, is the last bastion of civilization – although that might be a bit of a stretch. This tight gathering of two-storied stone and wood buildings, with shadowy streets and dark alleys, is known as a haven for criminals and ne'er-do-well, seeing as most local authority is corrupted at best and absent at worst. With a steady influx of strange people, exiles, and would-be adventurers, there's always fresh meat for the local thieves' guild to dine on.

The town rest at the edge of the Rush river, the unofficial borders of the Dusk Barrens. It's rainy, muddy, dangerous and gloom – but this will be your home.

Useful Details

Population: The population of Prosperity Keep, including outlying farms, woodmen and trappers, is around 400; mostly humans, halflings and dwarves. 

Guards: The 20 or so watchmen of the garrison are known as the Lady's Riders, and they're in charge of keeping the roads clear and the streets safe. They fail miserably at both.

Money: People only use gold pieces (GP), and some silver pieces (SP); 10 SP = 1 GP. Gems and other worthy treasures can easily be sold to local fencers, for a hefty sum. 

Crossing the river: Fishermen from the docks are willing to ferry adventurers over to the western bank of the Rush river, for the cost of 1 GP per person. There used to be a stone bridge across the river, but it's been in ruins for more than a hundred years.


Notable Locations

The Courthouse Inn

This is where you sleep; it's the only inn in town. The owner, Sergio, is a strange, brown-skinned man, who arrived at town a few months back and bought the old courthouse in the middle of town – it hasn't been used in decades. He transformed the place into an inn, which he manages to keep perfectly safe for visitors, with some obviously magical, though unknown, means.

The local crime population (read = population) quickly learned to respect the man and give him some space. Sergio is considered the go-to arbiter for most disputes. 

The Courthouse features "the adventures table", reserved for people who dare the Dusk Barrens, as well as the notice board. 

The Shrine of the Four Saints

A small shrine near the east gate, a little more than a room-sized chamber with four altars – each facing one of the cardinal directions, as is customary. The priests in attendance are old Zab, who'll tell everyone how he used to be a pirate but managed to redeem himself "before it was tooooo laaaaate!"; and young Snooty, who probably have an actual name, but the orphan teen can barely hold a conversation for more than a few words, so it's hard to tell.

In the Shrine one can find some solace, and more importantly, seek the Saint's blessing in avenging a fallen friend. 


You want weapon? Here weapon. Helga the dwarf sell you weapon. You want armor? Here armor. 

The Oracle

An old, moss-covered statue in the middle of town, depicting a humanoid of some sort; the head fell off ages ago.

The Keep

Sodersond, the custodian of the Keep rules in the Old Lady's name, is an old and stuck-up elf woman, ans also the court wizard. 

Prosperity Keep

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